Free French Courses

French Phonology, Basic French, Fast French, Sub-Saharan French and Belgium French.

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Free Spanish Courses

Spanish Programmatic, Spanish Basic, Spanish Fast, Suplemento para Secretarias, Headstart for Latin America, Headstart for Puerto Rico, Headstart for Spain

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Free German Courses

German Programmed Introduction Course. German Basic Course, German FAST, German Headstart

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The Aim

The foreign service institute has provided an abundance of language learning material to the public domain. Unfortunately, despite the depth and quality of the material, it isn't intuitive to work with. I will change that.

About Me

I'm Darren. I'm a language learning enthusiast. I'm a freelance programmer, who flitters between countries, jumping into the local language. I am currently based in South America.

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The FSI courses are free to use, available in the public domain. Here you can download all the FSI materials and use them to study as you wish. Initially I will be linking from as I slowly build up the resources and materials.

Whats In Store

Digitization of the FSI materials. Utilizing my experience as a web developer/programmer, I am going to make the FSI material easier to navigate, more intuitive, mobile friendly, and more social. Development and digitization will take some time, so watch this space.

Foreign Service Institute

These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain.

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